Sorcery! Ice,Fire and Lighting!

In all the years I've been playing roleplaying games, my character has been either somebody who is good at cleaving their foes into pieces or wait for it...sneaking around and striking from the shadows. But! Oh how I've matured. I've finally discovered the joys of magic. This is great. It now means that rather than … Continue reading Sorcery! Ice,Fire and Lighting!

Elves-An Iconic Fantasy Race!

(Darksword Miniatures) With a rich history in folklore, Elves are about as diverse as they come. From the noble Noldor elves of Middle Earth. At the  other end of the scale, the Dark Elves from Games Workshop's Warhammer. These sadistic beings sail the seas on their monstrous Black Arks. Always on the lookout for fresh slaves to sacrifice … Continue reading Elves-An Iconic Fantasy Race!

Location Location Location!

Despite the worn and battered look to the door, we feel that the dungeon beyond is an an ideal investment for the first time adventurer. Complete with an alchemy laboratory, large double closet weapons and armour rack, a small but functional treasure room, small banquet room and kitchen (servant not included in asking price), map … Continue reading Location Location Location!

Dragons-Firebreathing Monstrosities!

Smaug, Balerion, Alduin, Vermithrax*.  Dragons are one of the most feared creatures to ever burst out of the world of fantasy and legend. Step away from the fire breathing flying terrors of books and film and in some countries the Dragon is a powerful symbol. Respected in society. So what exactly is a Dragon? Usually they … Continue reading Dragons-Firebreathing Monstrosities!