Dragons-Firebreathing Monstrosities!

Smaug, Balerion, Alduin, Vermithrax*.  Dragons are one of the most feared creatures to ever burst out of the world of fantasy and legend. Step away from the fire breathing flying terrors of books and film and in some countries the Dragon is a powerful symbol. Respected in society.

So what exactly is a Dragon? Usually they are depicted as huge reptiles with the ability to breath fire whilst flying through the air on massive leathery wings, but this really isn’t the case!

In the gaming world Dragons are about as bad as they get. They are the apex monster in a lot of roleplaying games. For example, an ancient Red Dragon in Dungeons and Dragons has over 500 hit points. It aslo has an extremely high armour class (due to the naturally strong scales they have) and a plethora of other abilities. It’d be very difficult to kill and rightly so, the party who managed to kill one would themselves become legendary dragonslayers!

I myself have never encountered a Dragon in a tabletop roleplaying game. I can only imagine it would be an epic encounter. If you have, then please tell us in the comment section! How exactly then do you get rid of a monster such as this? Tolkien’s Smaug was killed by the black arrow fired by the archer Bard. This pierced his soft underbelly but not before he had destroyed Esgaroth. If you came across one in an adventure then some serious tactics are needed. I’d imagine that getting into a fight with a Dragon may well mean that some characters would not survive. Good planning is key!

It might be rare to encounter a Dragon in a game but I think that’s what makes them so special as a monster because you’re unlikely to forget it in a hurry!

Vermithrax Classic 80’s!

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