Weary travellers to Fantasy Scribbles! Come in from the nights chill. I hope your journey here wasn’t too troublesome. A mercenary captain travelling by let slip some news, over an ale too many. There is to be a campaign to secure the frontier beyond the current borders. I fear it’ll cause friction with the lords to the east and what else will be stirred up in the northern forests across the river? I think business here will still be brisk. New settlers, travellers and soldiers stopping for lodging, food and drink.

              But! I prattle on whilst your belly grumbles and your thirst gets stronger. Please, come to the table here by the fire. We serve up a good stew and we have just had a new delivery of freshly brewed Hammerstrike’s Dwarven stout which I most definitely recommend! Here, this tablet has our full menu. We do have the menu in Dwarven and Elvish if you require. A room is 1 silver crown a night, and it will be an extra 1 silver crown per horse that you wish stabled. We have a strong box for any valuables or other “things” you wish kept safe, no questions asked of course. I can assure you the box has been woven with spells of protection and locking which will foil even the most nimble fingered rogue.

So please, enjoy your time here at Fantasy Scribbles. Collect your thoughts. Read through the tales of adventure and fantasy. Eat and drink your fill of good food and ales, refreshed for your onwards journey.

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