Elves-An Iconic Fantasy Race!

elven fighter

(Darksword Miniatures)

With a rich history in folklore, Elves are about as diverse as they come. From the noble Noldor elves of Middle Earth. At the  other end of the scale, the Dark Elves from Games Workshop’s Warhammer. These sadistic beings sail the seas on their monstrous Black Arks. Always on the lookout for fresh slaves to sacrifice in bloody rituals, mercilessly plundering the coastal regions of the Old World.

In a fantasy setting there are many types of Elf and all with different abilities. J.R.R Tolkien created a huge and complex world with Middle Earth, of which the Elves feature prominently. He then also created a whole set of languages and alphabet giving them a unique identity within Middle Earth.

Tolkien’s Elves are represented in Middle Earth Roleplay by the Noldor, Sindar and Silvan. Making excellent player characters, the Elves of Middle Earth have no professional restrictions at all and have some good racial bonuses! They also have a variety of hobbies and secondary skills to use and cannot become ill or sick plus all three get a resistance to cold attacks. However, because of all these bonuses, Elves do get less background points than other races. Which I feel is not a massive setback for them!

In computer roleplaying game “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Elves are much more varied in appearance and abilities. The Dunmer (Dark Elf) of Morrowind are quite versatile. This is because their racial bonuses also allow to them excel in stealth or magic classes.

Altmer Elves (or High Elves) becasue of their racial bonuses, are much more suited to magic. Then, there are the Bosmer (Wood Elves), who live in the forests of Valenwood, who are much more in aware of the natural world around them and make excellent Archers.

Physically, Elves are normally tall and slender, often with ears that taper to a point. Eyes and hair colour can vary as can skin tone. The Drow of Dungeons and Dragons for have white hair and dark skin and live in a realm known as the Underdark. Like the Dark Elves of Warhammer, the Drow are Elves with a dark and twisted nature. Although, famed Drow “Drizzt Do’Urden”  is the exception.

Featuring in roleplaying games such as World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and Divinity Sin 2, (they are cannibals in this!) This fantasy race provide alot of variety and different options for players. Will you be a despicable Drow or nature loving Bosmer?

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