The Rise of Ishana Storm-Pools & Perils


Boreff might not be the largest of creatures, but he’s a dead weight right now. The mushroom fields and oddities we trudge through are just a hindrance as we continue our search for the captives of Longtower. The dragonborn is a dimwitted and ponderous creature. We slip and slide through pools and climb up spongy hillsides, treading down fungi as we press on. Yet the dragonborn doesn’t falter once in it’s obligation. It doesn’t seem to be bothered by carrying the human at all.

After climbing up yet another hill, we got to survey the land ahead. From our vantage point, I could see we were on one side of a mushroom valley, the other side rising sharply from the flatter terrain in front of me. There was an abundance of pools across the flatland before it rose again. Looking up I could still see the glittering ceiling hundreds of feet up. Or was it? Perhaps that was the night sky I was looking at. It was hard to tell amongst all the weirdness. Surprisingly we were still following the trail of the captives. The monk and birdman had managed to keep to it. Sometimes it was more obvious, perhaps an unnaturally flattened area of fungi and flora. On one occasion the remains of some half eaten creature discarded in the undergrowth.

Before we began our descent onto the plain, missy halfling had something she wanted to tell us all.”I think we should all rope ourselves together. We’ve fallen over a fair few times and it’s not getting any easier.” She did have a point. We were all filthy, the result of minor tumbles scrambling across the landscape. As we discussed and argued about who had what rope, a low moaning noise came from the ground. We spun round “uuurgssh.” Quickly we pinpointed to where the noise came from. Boreff. He was trying to sit up. Arms uselessly flopping everywhere, his legs an uncoordinated mess. I giggled. “Isssh nooot fuuny Issssshhhhana. I can’t mooovesh.” He fell back down onto his back. “Somesshbodysh helpsh mesh uuupsh.” The dragonborn picked him up by the scruff of his scrawny neck and stood him up. He balanced momentarily before bandy legs went in different directions. “Heelpsssh!” he tried to grab at me for support with a flailing arm. Dodging out of the way I roared with laughter. I laughed so loud I’m surprised our foe didn’t hear it. “Ishana! Stop it!” yelled the Halfing. I couldn’t it was too funny. It must’ve been a good few minutes before I was able to regain my composure. The others were all glaring at me. “Ishana! Just rope yourself with the others!” the halfling shouted. Boreff who was finally upright by now didn’t look too pleased either. “Fine” I grumbled and looped the rope around me.

Dragonborn leading the way and with the others in between me and him, I found myself near the back roped next to the halfling. Great. Setting off in silence, I was beginning to regret my choices. I should’ve stayed up top and pressed on to the city. We came down the side of the hill without mishap, although the plants and strange fungi had other ideas. We had globules of corrosive substance spat at us from one purple looking mushroom balancing on a long stalk. Plants similar to the one that got Boreff tried to grab and sting as we walked past. Between fire, arrow and sword we carved a path onward. As if that wasn’t bad enough, some of the pools were deeper than they looked. On a few occasions the halfling had water up to her chin. I smiled to myself as I thought of all that cold cold steel weighing her down. I was sick of dragging her behind me, so once she’d hauled herself out of the another pool I decided to sever the link between us. I cut my section of rope. Despite the protests, I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to be dragged down.

We trudged on, slower than we’d hoped. Having crossed the flatland, we reached the slopes of the hills on the other side. The birdman remained convinced that he could see the trail the enemy had taken. Weaving our way through some of the deeper looking pools, I could see we were starting to climb slowly. We were having to work our way around a small lake, and the easiest way was the steeper side of it. I’ll be the first to admit I was a terrible climber. But not as bad as the halfling. We all heard the shriek and then the massive splash. Sheva had fallen in. Thankfully I wasn’t roped to her now. That could’ve been me in there as well. I stood precariously rooted to my steep slope spot. I was fascinated as to whether she would resurface or if the weight of armour would be her undoing.

But that wasn’t her only problem. Silver shapes flashing in the water, headed straight for the ripples and bubbles the sinking halfling left behind. Fish! The water boiled and thrashed at the spot she fell in. I could see a red tinge to the water. She was being eaten! Oh my! How much meat was there on a halfling? Fascinated, I didn’t spot another shape plunging into the water. Another huge splash. Bare feet, bare legs and a filthy robe meant only one thing. Our strange “monk” friend was going to fetch the halfling’s armour. Even he recognised it would’ve been custom made and quite valuable. Good effort. Boreff slurped something at me, he clearly hadn’t quite got his speech back. “Isshana, the Ropesh. Throwsh ish! Gotcha! I tossed my end of the rope into the lake. I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to pan out. Looking quickly up I could see the Dragonborn had braced himself as best he could, Boreff was trying to do the same. Sighing I made to take the burden of a wet human and his prize.

Nothing happened. The water got redder and redder, churning furiously on the surface. Silver shapes darted amongst the maelstrom. A sudden weight nearly pulled me off my precarious bit of slope. “Pull Ishana! Pull!” bellowed the dragonborn. I pulled. Not too hard but I pulled. The human came first, bedraggled and bleeding from countless bites all over. And wait, what! Alive?!? The halfling still encased in steel armour clung onto his legs. It probably saved her from the worst of it. Blood soaked her face, ran down her arms. Alive and bleeding. For a moment I felt sorry for her. That armour must’ve been cold! I’ll give Kyan his due, his strength was unbelievable. With our help we were able to pull them to safety and get to a flatter part of the hill. There we fell. Exhausted by our efforts.

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Stu our DM can be found here at his facebook page!

Credits to the following: Ki’rin – The Human Monk

Sheva- The Halfling Paladin

Boreff-The Human Rogue

Kyan-The Dragonborn Paladin

Kena-The Aaracokra Rogue

And to Stu for keeping it deadly and on our toes!

Thanks to D&D5E for an awesome game.

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