The Rise of Ishana Storm-Pools & Perils

previously Boreff might not be the largest of creatures, but he's a dead weight right now. The mushroom fields and oddities we trudge through are just a hindrance as we continue our search for the captives of Longtower. The dragonborn is a dimwitted and ponderous creature. We slip and slide through pools and climb up … Continue reading The Rise of Ishana Storm-Pools & Perils

The Rise of Ishana Storm-The Darkness below pt2

previously We raced down the tunnel. As we ran another roar shook the ground. More earth tumbled down. "Quick! Down here!" yelled Boreff. Without a chance to ask where down here was, I once again found myself tumbling down a rocky slope face-first, my staff landing on top of me. Seconds later the monk skidded … Continue reading The Rise of Ishana Storm-The Darkness below pt2

The Rise of Ishana Storm – The Darkness Below Pt 1

previously I picked my way through the devastation inflicted on our underground foe. The air tinged with a sorcererous taint. Unnatural flames flickered on the remains of those consumed by blasting fire. The odd flicker of corrupted electricity leapt from dead grimlock to dead grimlock. Limbs and heads scattered all over. Most were the enemy … Continue reading The Rise of Ishana Storm – The Darkness Below Pt 1

Imaginary spring walk

Amazing picture! Really like the contrast between winter and the blossoming spring. Look forwards to more!

Rebekah Curtis


You are, in a way, what you draw. So I’m mindful of how subjects help or hinder my mood.

After a winter of studying wispy, graphite trees, I started to feel my mood turn graphite-grey too. I needed to think about the spring. Fresh greens and bright yellows!

Though we may be largely indoors, the sunlight and birds outside the window shout, “It’s spring!” And since woodland walks are off the cards, I can draw from the imagination – or photos – instead. Spring can spring in the mind.

When I dug this picture out from a pile the other day it was a bald, February watercolour . So I spruced up the branches with blossom and new leaves and walked away feeling notably happier.

And that’s something I love about art. It can take your mood on journeys. Like dreams that you can steer.

If we need cheering we…

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