Creative ideas for the long stay at home

Loads of really amazing tips here! And what a cute cat!

Rebekah Curtis

Over the next few months my son and I will be spending a lot of time at home alone together, while my partner does frontline ambulance work. There’s so much about that sentence that makes me take a deep breath. SO, I’ve been drafting a list of creative activities for me and my seven-year-old. Here are some of my plans so far…!

book                            (My son getting up-to-date on Bear Grylls’ adventures, a few weeks ago.)

  • Learn how to cook properly (me, mainly).
  • Make videos together on ipad/phone. Documentaries, probably about dinosaurs. (He announced two years ago that he was training to be a palaeontologist and now I think he meant it. I’ve had to revise to keep the conversations rolling.)
  • Reenact a historical event. (I need to think this one through so I don’t have to flee toy swords…)
  • Make…

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Platemail-The Ultimate In Protection!

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Dwarves-Builders, Miners and Hardknocks!

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The Mage- Spells, Scrolls and Signs.

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Chainmail-Rings of Protection!

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Orcs- Fantasy’s Bad Boyz and Girlz

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Skeleton Warriors- Shake, Rattle and Bone!

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