Well what can I say? It’s been ages since I actually did a post or anything related to blogging. Today though, I felt I needed to sort it out a bit and get back into writing stuff and look at things game related.

First off, having now lived in Bristol for nearly six years, we only discovered this awesome place the other day. Located in Bath just off Queens Square, Thirsty Meeples, looks to be an awesome place to sit down and have a good session for a few hours, I say “looks” as we didn’t get time to get a game in but will definitely be going back soon to try it out. Not only do they have a good sized gaming area and good selection, they also have a massive amount of board games and table top roleplaying games available to buy as well as a second hand game sale every Saturday and Sunday.

Here in Bristol we have Chance and Counters which I’ve been to a few times. There is also one in Cardiff and Birmingham as well if you’re further afield. I’ve always have a great time here and it is nice to have a pint and food at the same time as playing… On the horizon is Dragonmeet convention. This looks excellent and sadly if it wasn’t having to work that weekend I’d be going.

So whilst I’ve been busy with more mundane things, I have a sporadic Zweihander game going on at the moment, which will become more regular. I have to say this has really grown on me and I love the mechanics and horror vibe that I hope is present throughout my campaign. It does feel like the players are up against it and that something bad is brewing. Whilst no player characters have actually been killed yet, it does feel they are a mere dice roll away from disaster. Perhaps if I remember to use the fortune points as they should be then their luck might run out….

Since I first got Zweihander they have expanded on the original core book. I have the Main Gauche add on, but they have released the Flames of Freedom and a new Starter Kit is currently in the making plus the Grim & Perilous library on Drivethru is expanding constantly.

It’s not all been about the pen and paper games though. As a keen PC gamer, some of my favourites have always been games like Elder scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Total War: Warhammer 2. Whilst these games are now getting on and there is a “newish” Total War: Warhammer 3 out, the sheer amount of stuff to do and areas to explore have meant I’ve kept coming back to these over the years. The PC modding scene has added so much extra depth and variety to them as well that I now find it impossible to play any of them without a massive list of mods to go with them.

Fallout 4 and my character “Jyn Reno”

That’s all for now folks, my next post will be more of an actual creative writing blog as I have a few ideas brewing and I’ll include an update on the current Zweihander game and how the party are faring. Bye for now!

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