The Rise of Ishana Storm-Pools & Perils

previously Boreff might not be the largest of creatures, but he's a dead weight right now. The mushroom fields and oddities we trudge through are just a hindrance as we continue our search for the captives of Longtower. The dragonborn is a dimwitted and ponderous creature. We slip and slide through pools and climb up … Continue reading The Rise of Ishana Storm-Pools & Perils

The Rise of Ishana Storm-The Darkness below pt2

previously We raced down the tunnel. As we ran another roar shook the ground. More earth tumbled down. "Quick! Down here!" yelled Boreff. Without a chance to ask where down here was, I once again found myself tumbling down a rocky slope face-first, my staff landing on top of me. Seconds later the monk skidded … Continue reading The Rise of Ishana Storm-The Darkness below pt2

The Rise of Ishana Storm – The Darkness Below Pt 1

previously I picked my way through the devastation inflicted on our underground foe. The air tinged with a sorcererous taint. Unnatural flames flickered on the remains of those consumed by blasting fire. The odd flicker of corrupted electricity leapt from dead grimlock to dead grimlock. Limbs and heads scattered all over. Most were the enemy … Continue reading The Rise of Ishana Storm – The Darkness Below Pt 1

Creative ideas for the long stay at home

Loads of really amazing tips here! And what a cute cat!

Rebekah Curtis

Over the next few months my son and I will be spending a lot of time at home alone together, while my partner does frontline ambulance work. There’s so much about that sentence that makes me take a deep breath. SO, I’ve been drafting a list of creative activities for me and my seven-year-old. Here are some of my plans so far…!

book                            (My son getting up-to-date on Bear Grylls’ adventures, a few weeks ago.)

  • Learn how to cook properly (me, mainly).
  • Make videos together on ipad/phone. Documentaries, probably about dinosaurs. (He announced two years ago that he was training to be a palaeontologist and now I think he meant it. I’ve had to revise to keep the conversations rolling.)
  • Reenact a historical event. (I need to think this one through so I don’t have to flee toy swords…)
  • Make…

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