The Warrior

What makes a warrior? Join Brollo the Bard as he tells enthralled patrons at the “Orc and Flagon” the tale of Rex and the ambush at Wyvern Pass.

Rex shifted the grip on his shield, the leather handle creaking as he tightened his hold. Peering out into the gloom he could make out shapes approaching ahead. He felt a rushing in his ears, his heartbeat quickened. His mouth felt dry and he could feel the knots in his stomach grip tighter. Panic gripped his chest. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. As he breathed out, the rising panic receded, the knots in his stomach loosened. He heard as if from a distance, someone bellowing, “Shields up!” He opened his eyes and instinctively raised his shield. A booming voice, frantic, bellowed “Brace!” It felt like no more than a heartbeat, then the advancing figures were on them! A tidal wave of metal rolling forwards, an unstoppable force.

Rex lowered his head beneath his shield and lunged forwards with his body weight as that wall of bellowing, screaming metal smashed into him and his comrades. Rex felt the breath go out of him in an instant. The rush in his ears become a roar, turning itself into a bestial scream that spilled from his mouth. His sword arm thrust forward in a desperate effort to hold onto the life he held so dear. All around him, up and down the line, a macabre dance just to survive began…”

Got the gist? Great!

  • The Fighter, the Man at Arms. Most groups of adventurers should have one!
  • This character class is a specialist in combat, proficient in many different types of weapons and, once trained, able to wear the heaviest of armours with no penalty.
  • Most of their abilities are put into increasing their combat effectiveness and being able to withstand the hardships of campaigning and perils of combat.
  • An essential class to have if a party to is to take on tougher and more dangerous foes.

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