The Rise of Ishana Storm-Breakout


From what I could piece together from the others, it all went wrong when we started moving further into the castle. You see dear journal, this dreadstone (now in my possession!) emits some kind of force that effects your mind. I need to study it properly to find its secrets; something I don’t have time for right now.

Some of us were instantly under the stones influence when we started exploring the courtyard. Whilst I was one of them, I wasn’t the most affected. The worst were left gibbering and rooted to the spot in fear. Others were like myself, unable to act or do anything unless told to. Soon after that things got bad pretty quick. A huge creature stormed out to confront us. An Ogre by all accounts. I don’t recall any of it, my brain was fuddled but the monstrosity was killed. That was just the start of it. From what Boreff told me, there were other creatures that dwelt here as well.

Now he’d finally got his senses back thanks to me shutting off the dreadstone, Boreff’s company was refreshing. A practical man, not afraid to shun the moral high ground, unlike others in this room! Anyway dear journal, the creatures that were now hammering at the tower door were called Grimlocks. I’d never heard of these things. Apparently they normally live in the under dark. That was a place I had heard of. Mother spoke of it often and one day when I was younger, she went there. I didn’t ever see her again. Father said she’d missed it, struggling to fit in with the surface dwellers. That bitch sister of mine said she left because of me, another reason to make sure it really hurts when I catch up with her.

Vengeance can wait for now though, we need to act quickly. The Grimlocks are blind but other senses compensate for this extremely well. They’re not giving up easily so we need to come up with a way out. Oh! It’s such a genius plan. Only a true master tactician could have put it together. We’ll go back down the stairs and fight our way out. The dragonborn will go first, followed by the halfling, then the rest of us. Now there’s thinking outside the box!

The tower door crashed open, the overwhelming strength of the dragonborn scattering the Grimlocks on the other side. Cramming into the opening made by Kyan, we let them have it; the bodies of our foes piling up all around. I incinerated one of the ghastly creatures straight away. The flaming figure wailed, haplessly stumbling into its comrades. They retreated from the tower where the dreadstone had been, backing into the space of another open yard. This had a roof over it and in the furthermost wall, through an entrance I could glimpse the first courtyard we’d originally come into. Out of sight, I could hear more cries and sounds of fighting. I assumed that the rest of the caravan was cut off from us and was now trapped near the castle entrance.

There were alot of these grimlocks. Humanoid in appearance they had grey skin, long gangly arms and were dressed in nothing more than simple furs dressed with occasional bone ornaments. Most appeared to have some crude club or stone axe. Similar to the Gnoll’s, they were primitive creatures. Their eye sockets were sunken in, a loose flap of skin where an eye would have been.

We had the upper hand now. Clearly the dragonborn was enjoying his new sword. Grimlocks were swotted left and right as he pushed on. The rest of us backing up the dragonborn’s murderous advance, giving the enemy no chance to regroup. As they fell before us, I saw another group of grimlocks emerge from the doorway that led to the outer courtyard from which we had originally come. They were weighed down with baggage. Human baggage. The unconscious, wounded and outright dead were being carried away. They seemed to be making for another tower on the opposite side from where we were.

Some of the others spotted them as well, the halfling astutely observing “They’re getting away!” There was a sudden woosh and a cone of raging fire burst from the dragonborn’s mouth. Another grimlock was engulfed in flame but another filled its place only to be shot down by an arrow. The enemy was losing, a handful remained. I lined one up and sent forth a burst of electric power. It surged over the creature, a concentration of raw magic. And then there was one. Once again, the little human Ki’rin somehow used all of his limbs simultaneously to pummel the last grimlock to a pulp. And then it was over. We stood as a group, nothing moved. We’d beaten off the creatures of the underdark but they had the victory. The remainder of the caravan had been taken dead and alive. They were all gone.

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Stu our DM can be found here at his facebook page!

Credits to the following: Ki’rin – The Human Monk

Sheva- The Halfling Cleric

Boreff-The Human Rogue

Kayan-The Dragonborn Paladin

Kena-The Aaracokra Rogue

And to Stu for keeping it deadly and on our toes!

Thanks to D&D5E for an awesome game.

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