I’d better watch my back!

I just sent this background for my new character off to my DM for a new D&D5E game that we will be running online due to the current situation. Enjoy!

Ishana was sent by her father to renegade drow Silas Wolf to master her wild sorcery abilities under his guidance. Silas tutored Ishana well, building on her knowledge of lore and providing a better understanding of her magical skill.

Unfortunately for both Silas and Ishana there was a problem. One day Silas decided to attempt to open a portal to another plane, one he knew was fraught with danger. Sure enough, as Silas created the portal and before he had time to take control of it, a creature of chaos broke through. A huge slobbering Demon.

Realizing his terrible error of judgement too late Silas was able to fire off a powerful spell hitting the demon directly. Whilst badly wounded by Silas, the abomination was able to tear him limb from limb in seconds. It didnt get chance to savour its victory. It was blown into a million pieces of black demon gore and flesh by none other than Ishana herself. Coated in black demon blood and some red stuff from Silas, Ishana proudly surveyed her handiwork. Not bad she mused. Practical as ever and not one to miss an opportunity, Ishana set about looting what was left of Silas and took whatever she could find of value in his old tower. Walking calmly out of the door (closing it behind.) Ishana started on down the road with a mind to join a caravan or make her way somehow to the big city where she could continue her passion for learning and master her sorceress abilities.

A few weeks had passed since the incident in the tower and Ishana was having a fairly uneventful journey to the city. As she surveyed her current travelling companions a sudden thought popped into her head. Did I close down that portal that Silas had opened? Ishana thought it would have probably closed itself wouldnt it? Oh well, too late to go back now!

Many miles away on a darkened hillside, the old tower of Silas was suddenly lit up by an unatural fork of lighting which struck the tower. Masonry fell in a rumble and all was still for a second. But wait..out of the wreckage of the tower a misshapen creature from the very pits of…somewhere crawled out. As it righted itself the abominable form snuffled the air like a hound on a scent…there it smelt it. Far off, but that was no problem for this creature, there was no rush. Vengence would be extracted.

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