Dwarves-Builders, Miners and Hardknocks!

(Malloy501) THAT book is one of the best introductions to Dwarves ever. Uninvited Dwarven guests looking for a burglar to help on a crazy quest. One magic ring, a miffed Dragon and a massive battle later leads us onto the next lot of books. These also have dwarves in, mainly featuring a  Dwarven relative of … Continue reading Dwarves-Builders, Miners and Hardknocks!

The Mage- Spells, Scrolls and Signs.

Image by Colleen O'Dell from Pixabay There was a fizzle and crackle. The darkened chamber lit up suddenly. Then almost as quickly as there had been light, the already sparsely lit room was plunged back into the flickering candlelight;  silhouetting two figures standing in the centre of the room. “But I swear I called the … Continue reading The Mage- Spells, Scrolls and Signs.

Orcs- Fantasy’s Bad Boyz and Girlz

Orcs are an interesting bunch. Their appearance varies as well. I remember this as the classic D&D Orc many years ago. (Pinterest, Dead Simple RPG Blog. Otherworld Minatures) They are normally a force of evil and tend to be more in the monster tables than available as player characters. The good thing about role play … Continue reading Orcs- Fantasy’s Bad Boyz and Girlz

Skeleton Warriors- Shake, Rattle and Bone!

Rising  from the grave, summoned back to terrify the living! (Pinterest, James Mark Debano) These long dead bones will obey the every command of whoever brought them back from the dead. Brought to life on the big screen by the legendary Ray Harryhausen. His many monsters thrilled audiences for decades, myself included. Perhaps one of the … Continue reading Skeleton Warriors- Shake, Rattle and Bone!

Location Location Location!

Despite the worn and battered look to the door, we feel that the dungeon beyond is an an ideal investment for the first time adventurer. Complete with an alchemy laboratory, large double closet weapons and armour rack, a small but functional treasure room, small banquet room and kitchen (servant not included in asking price), map … Continue reading Location Location Location!