Luck of the Dice…

The Party has stopped overnight in the shelter of an old castle. Most of the walls have crumbled away over time, old grey stone covered in lichen and soft, springy mosses. As the adventurers approached the castle, the GM made them roll against perception. A couple of party members noticed that some of the stonework in the two remaining towers looked to have fallen inwards.

They raise their concerns with the group, however a decision is made to seek shelter on the first floor of one of the towers. One of the party is wounded, they need somewhere to hole up whilst the pursuit dies down. The tower, teetering as it is, will give protection from prying eyes and the party hope that by doubling back on themselves and leaving a false trail, the remaining outlaws will give up their quarry.

As the party settle down for the night, the first watch is started. The gentle breeze that had been lazily rustling the branches of the nearby trees suddenly and unnaturally rocks the tower with an almighty gust of wind. A huge piece of loose stone comes crashing down. The GM asks the adventurers to make a saving throw roll. They all succeed and the masonry  smashes through the floor narrowly missing two party members….

There will be some occasions when your luck has run out and there really was a sting in the tail. When the GM says “Can you make a saving throw against…” your character has been given a chance. Those dice take on a whole new meaning. This is more important than if your character can hear voices in the wind and never mind persuading that old innkeeper to keep talking. If those dice let you down, your character might end up being burnt at the stake by angry locals ( like one of mine was) or being squished by a block of old stone. However if you make it, a part of you will feel so satisfied, elated in your ability to thwart the Grim Reaper. The GM’s scythe failed to harvest another character and your going to party on hard down at the tavern tonight!

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