The Cleric-Smite them down!

“Back! Back!” The voices yelled. Beric could hear the retreat coming back up the corridor in front. Two soldiers in mail stood either side of the heavy wooden door that separated the chamber from the corridor. Looking around him, he counted no more than eight soldiers and the Sorceror. They were in a large stone chamber, with an uneven floor, cracked and split in places with weeds poking through. There were some old books and shelves here, not much else but the air was fresh, coming in from a vent someplace they hadn’t found yet.

There were two entrances that they knew of, both with heavy oak doors. They had come from the north entrance, the expedition all crowding into the chamber. Without warning, a collapse in the corridor had completely blocked the northern door burying four of their party under tons of rock and soil. That left the southern door. It was decided that Captain Madoc would lead half the group to scout ahead. That was hours ago. There had been no word, until out of the darkened corridor a member of the scouting party had come running. He was in the grip of some insane fear, not even recognizing his own companions. The poor wretch was wide eyed, overcome with a madness seldom seen.  “Flee! Flee! We are done for!” was all he would say. Realizing that he could go no further, and the way was blocked must’ve been too much for the poor soul. He uttered a low moan before collapsing in the middle of the chamber.

Beric had been the only one to go to him, everyone else just staring at the prone figure. He was dead, Beric announced. The sounds of fighting echoed towards the chambers, somewhere in the dark and twisting passages lost to distant memory. Slowly it was getting closer, and more desperate, screams mixed with guttural roars and hisses.

He heard the panicked shouts of “Back! Back!” really close now. Beric went to the southern door and peered into darkness. He could see the flicker of orange torchlight and hear running feet. There was a cry then a gibbering noise. The light suddenly disappeared. Ducking quickly back in he slammed the heavy oak door shut.

“Wedge against it!” he yelled. Beric was in command now. Four more soldiers braced against the door. There was a scrabbling against it. Cackling unintelligible sounds echoed round the chamber as the door shook from whatever was trying to pound its way into the chamber.

“Sorceror! Find us a way out of here!” he bellowed.

Beric took up position in the centre of the chamber, shifting the grip on his massive Warhammer. The door shook under the battering. Slowly it started to open. A long-clawed hand shoved through. A sword fell, an anguished snarl. The door slammed shut and a severed hand scuttled on four rotting fingers around the chamber. There was a crunch as Beric slammed the butt of his hammer on the pesky appendage.

“Undead! Most likely ghouls, a whole heap of them! Those at the door, To Me! Stand firm! The four soldiers trying to keep the door from opening, suddenly sprinted towards Beric and the heavy oak door flung open. The creatures behind it suddenly caught off balance as the door flew open in their onslaught. The rotting, clawing, putrid figures that tumbled into the chamber hadn’t had time to recover when Beric, War-hammer swinging, rushed forwards. As he charged, smashing the undead with massive blows, his companions followed. Rallying to him as he invoked the name of his God, a channeled force bringing terror to the mindless undead. Perhaps then, there was a way out. The remnants of the party able to escape these haunted corridors…

  • Like a warrior, though not as specialized, a Cleric is trained in combat and the use of armour. Maces and War-hammers often the favourite, and leather or mail armour.
  • As well as combat training, they are devoted to the gods and can invoke the powers of the various deities that they worship, the ability to turn the undead for example is one such power that they can call upon.
  • They are often taught the skills of healing and often will be found tending to the needs of the community they’re in.
  • Like Rangers, they have their own set of spells unique to them, to cast light, protect themselves and others and to use magic to heal and remove curses.

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