Dwarves-Builders, Miners and Hardknocks!

(Malloy501) THAT book is one of the best introductions to Dwarves ever. Uninvited Dwarven guests looking for a burglar to help on a crazy quest. One magic ring, a miffed Dragon and a massive battle later leads us onto the next lot of books. These also have dwarves in, mainly featuring a  Dwarven relative of … Continue reading Dwarves-Builders, Miners and Hardknocks!

Elves-An Iconic Fantasy Race!

(Darksword Miniatures) With a rich history in folklore, Elves are about as diverse as they come. From the noble Noldor elves of Middle Earth. At the  other end of the scale, the Dark Elves from Games Workshop's Warhammer. These sadistic beings sail the seas on their monstrous Black Arks. Always on the lookout for fresh slaves to sacrifice … Continue reading Elves-An Iconic Fantasy Race!