Orcs- Fantasy’s Bad Boyz and Girlz

Orcs are an interesting bunch. Their appearance varies as well. I remember this as the classic D&D Orc many years ago. (Pinterest, Dead Simple RPG Blog. Otherworld Minatures) They are normally a force of evil and tend to be more in the monster tables than available as player characters. The good thing about role play … Continue reading Orcs- Fantasy’s Bad Boyz and Girlz

Dragons-Firebreathing Monstrosities!

Smaug, Balerion, Alduin, Vermithrax*.  Dragons are one of the most feared creatures to ever burst out of the world of fantasy and legend. Step away from the fire breathing flying terrors of books and film and in some countries the Dragon is a powerful symbol. Respected in society. So what exactly is a Dragon? Usually they … Continue reading Dragons-Firebreathing Monstrosities!